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The Dutch Gamers


  • The Dutch Gamers


  • Community on Facebook: Medio 2015
  • Website: November 2012, first 365Gaming and re-branding to The Dutch Gamers in 2018



  • Gaming community (Dutch gamers)
  • Gaming related content


  • Community for Dutch gamers via Facebook
  • News (all platforms), Reviews, Kids related game news & reviews (by kids), Events, Tech, Indie, TV & Film, Retro, Interviews, Columns, Cosplay & Give-Aways



  • Mainly in Dutch


  • Ages 16 to 65, casual to hardcore gamers


  • Sponsored give-aways


365Gaming started in 2012 as a central place for casual & hardcore gamers of all ages. The website also had a community segment for gamers to get in touch with each other for gaming sessions, to get support, ask questions and to share experiences.

Next to Reviews, Columns, Events & Interviews we also put Indie games in the spotlight, TV & Films, Tech & Gadgets, Throwback titles, Cosplay, Events and all that is connected to gaming in every way. The Interviews with several International guests give in depth information or a good look behind the scenes. The columns are not only written about the typical game subject, they are also more personal topics that give a personal look into the life as a gamer. How the passion for gaming started, how gaming relationships started, but also the more serious side of gaming with the impacts of gaming on our lives.

We also give attention to gaming as a family and from a kids point of view. The is a kids-jury who share their experiences and review the games that are launched for the kids target group. Content made by gamers for gamers, no nonsense and with a smile, 365 Days a Year!

Due to the decrease in use of fora all over the industry we decided to move our forum to Facebook in medio 2015. The community counts 15.000 members in October 2018 and many of these are active in participation. This gives a good platform to promote your games as a give-away.

If your company produces a game (or manufactures something) for this target audience we will share your press releases when supplied in Dutch. If you only have English or German content available the Editors will make a selection what will be translated. If you want our service to translate and distribute in our network, please contact us for more information on these possibilities.

There are Editors available to review or stream your game, we filter the incoming requests so it can be that we can not review or stream, you will be informed about this. If not, we can arrange a request to the audience to participate for a review or arrange a give-away.