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PR & Marketing, Social Media & Events

Next to the websites within the Group we also provide services within PR & Marketing, Social Media & Event Organization. With over 115 years of experience with building websites, creating logo’s, Search Engine Optimization & Social Media we can also provide support in building a website or creating other creative material for your promotions. We can help you reach your target audience, promote your game, organize a launch event, translate your documents or game info to Dutch and much more.

The founders Jack & Monique both have their roots in sales and PR & Marketing and the share a big passion for the gaming industry. Combining their expertise & passion led to the start of 365Gaming and this has expanded to assisting studio’s and publishers with day to day activities.

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  • Get a website or creative design for your game or promotion built by a team of passioned gamers.
  • Target your audience with our PR & Marketing Support, we know your audience because we ARE your audience.
  • Today’s Marketing is knowing how Social Media can work for you, let us help you with that.
  • We help you create your launch party or community event.

We are not a PR & Marketing Agency, we focus on the support side, we help you getting your game or product to the target audience. Our main interest is spreading the word and making sure that all the pearls in the industry get the attention and their place in the spotlight.

We know that for Indie Studio’s the budget for PR & Marketing is slim, therefore we will support and help within your means. If more support is required than we can supply, we will direct you to PR & Marketing Agencies we have in our network.

Please note: If your company produces a game (or manufactures something) for the target audiences we will share your press releases when supplied in the preferred languages. We will not charge for any of these activities. If you have the content not available in the preferred language the Editors will make a selection what will be translated. If you want our service to translate and distribute in our network, please contact us for more information on these possibilities.

There are Editors available to review or stream games, we filter the incoming requests so it can be that we can not review or stream, you will be informed about this. If not, we can arrange a request to the audience to participate for a review or arrange a give-away.