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365Gaming Group has it’s own website

365Gaming Group Sep 10, 2016 365 News

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After the launch of our third website History of War Games we decided to create a organization to cover all websites in our Group. The most logical name was the 365Gaming Group, as it all started with 365Gaming.

We presented ourselves through each channel separately for the last few years and left the 365Gaming Group more in the background for organization purposes, but during the GDC & Gamescom 2016 we decided to get the Group in the spotlight. Not only did this provide the option to introduce the other channels to new & current contacts, if also centralizes the communication.

With 5 channels, each covering their own speciality, it can become overwhelming to know which channel to contact. For example a Indie game for Kids, this can be shared on our mainstream channel, our Indie channel and the kids channel as well. It does not make sense to mail this 3 times. We provide the possibility to direct your press releases to the dedicated channel or the overal Group.

Next to that, we noticed that some studio’s and PR companies were not aware of all the different channels within the Group. Or what each of these websites covers, their target audience and what their background is. We explained this to many people during the GDC & Gamescom and due to their enthusiastic response we decided to create an own website for the Group. This way we can provide the information in one go and also inform on the other services we provide.

We will not use this website for frequent news segments but to inform.