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    Welcome to the 365Gaming Group, originally started as a local website with game news, reviews & columns, but now so much more! Take a quick look to see which sites are registered under the Group and which other services we provide.

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About Us

The 365Gaming Group is an organization that contains several channels in the entertainment branch. Started in 2012 with a focus on gaming & game related content but still expanding toward more specialized content. In our section Website & Services you can find all the details on each current website, their history & background, target audience and if the site has possibilities for advertisement & takeovers.

The daily management is done by the founders Jack Többen & Monique Többen. They have their roots in both sales and PR & Marketing and a big passion for the gaming industry. Combining their expertise & passion led to the start of 365Gaming. They are accompanied with a great team of editors & contributors who share their passion for the gaming industry.

Next to these websites we also provide services within PR & Marketing, Social Media & Event Organization. With our years of experience we like to provide the necessary support. We can help you reach your target audience, promote your game, organize a launch event, translate your documents or game info to Dutch and much more.

With over 10 years of experience with building websites, creating logo's, Search Engine Optimization & Social Media we can also provide support in building a website or creating other creative material for your promotions.

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Websites & Services

We are very proud of the two main channels within the 365Gaming Group. The images link to dedicated pages with their history & background, target audience and if that specific site has possibilities for advertisement & takeovers.

Our services for PR & Marketing, Social Media & Event Organization are also summoned on a separate page that will also explain more about our specific expertise and network.

The Dutch Gamers

Inside Indie

Inside Indie

PR & Marketing, Social Media & Events

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If you would like to contact us with your question or submit your own game to us, please fill in the form below. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Also requests for support with Marketing, PR or Events can be addressed via this contact form. You are always free to add press[add]365gaming[dot]org to your press list.




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